Sunday, August 5, 2012

Linda's Green Thumb

My sister-in-law, Linda, has a green thumb.  She hasn't always been a gardener.  This remarkable skill seems to have "blossomed" in the last 10 years.   She has turned her yard into a place that everyone wants to visit.  These photos of her back yard were actually taken in mid-June. (What can I say?  I am way behind on my blogging!)  I only had my camera phone at the time, so the photos are so-so.  Plus, they were taken mid-day, when the light is harsh and unforgiving.

The magic begins the minute you step onto her deck.  She has pots of flowers on the deck and hanging from her deck.  I love those hangers.  There are also fun little details tucked here and there - like the funny little snail.  You need to know that Linda loves kids.  LOVES kids.  Is ga-ga over them. If there's a room full of people and one kid, guess where she'll be!  She has grandchildren and loads of other young visitors who come to her house.  Those little details are, no doubt, for her pint sized friends, but I have to tell you, their magic worked on me, too.

There are lots of spots in her yard which are in deep shade.  Linda definitely has worked out how to make those look their best.  That's a special talent, for sure.

Other areas are in full sun - especially in the center of the yard.  It has been turned into an island with pretty flowering bushes and plants.  Keep in mind that all this is growing despite the fact that all sorts of wild critters roam through her yard daily - especially deer, raccoon, and armadillos (which Linda despises with a passion!)

Some of her plants were purchased.  Some were from friends and have sentimental value.  Others, like these ferns, were volunteers which fit happily into the landscape.  By the way, this is an under-the-house deep shade/scorching sun, poor soil next to the house, hard-to-grow spot, yet these fern, as you can see, are thriving.  I suspect Linda talks to them or something.

I could waste energy by being jealous of this garden... or Linda's house, which is always eat-off-the floor, spotlessly clean.  Nope.  Instead, it feels like a safe haven.  If I can't take my messy house and ill-tended garden another minute, I know there's a place I can visit that will take me away better than a Calgon bath!


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