Saturday, July 30, 2016

Porch Phase 2 - Underpinning, Gates and Post Caps

My wonderful carpenter guys, Paul and Donald, finished up the porch underpinning.  They made gates - 3 of the them - and new post caps, too.  It looks fabulous, but is not truly complete.  I'll wait a month or two for the wood to cure, then I'll add deck sealer.  Picture the new wood much darker - the same color as the rest of the porch, so it won't stand out so much.  I've wanted underpinning (a.k.a. skirting) for so long - pretty much since we moved in (2008).

View of the Highest End

Friday, July 8, 2016

Belle of the Ball

No one has asked me yet if I'm seeing anyone, but I wish they would because I have my answer all ready and it's the absolute truth! I am seeing LOTS of guys - Charlie, Daniel, Forrest, Randy, Andrew, Kevin, Tim, Tray, Bobby, and Marvin, to name a few. Just today, my most recent guy (Kyle) sent me this photo he took in Albuquerque.  

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Annie's Wound - Back Braces and Butt Cream

Yesterday was fun. Today has started out crazy. It's barely 8am and I am already exhausted. Annie has a gross, messy wound on her neck and it's driving her crazy.

I had to figure out something to keep her from scratching it raw.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Yoga Love

I did not take this photo while at class. It was taken at home.  

Yesterday, I went to my first yoga class.  I have gotten into yoga before, but did it at home using workouts I had onVHS tapes (and later DVDs).   I thought I knew a bit about what to expect from those.  I was a little afraid that I'd struggle to keep up and would end the 90 minute session feeling a bit sore.  That was not the case at all!  The class I took was fabulous.  It was slow, allowing for deep stretches and plenty of time to ease into positions. (My DVD yoga lessons all change positions too fast. Drives me crazy.)  By the end of the class, I felt FABULOUS and today, there is no trace of soreness whatsoever.

My other concerns turned out to be non-issues, as well.


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