Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Take Warning

I went for a walk with the dogs very early this morning. The first thing I noticed was the red eastern sky. 

When I first walked out, the sky was a much brighter red that this!  

I looked straight up and saw that the clouds were pink. Weirdly pink. Pepto-Bismol pink! I promise, these photos are not retouched! 

I went back inside to get my camera. The red sky was no longer quite as red, but the clouds were just as pink. 

"Red sky at morning, sailors take warning." 

There's no rain in the forecast, so what's going on? Then, it hit me. This is election day. I sure hope that old saying is not fortuitous. I fear it is. 

I can't imagine ANY scenario where the next four years will be pleasant, politically speaking. No matter who wins, there will be four years of drama, name-calling, blaming, blocking, sabotaging, and possibly worse. At least, I no longer have cable, so I don't have to see the televised drama. I think I'll stick my head in the sand until I see a steady succession of red skies at night.   II should probably take a long break from Facebook.

I imagine the rest of the world thinks Americans are a bunch of lunatics. They might be right. After all, we likely did this to ourselves. We allowed ourselves to be led by ridiculous propaganda. 

If campaigns /public office continue to be about raking candidates/office holders (and their families) through the mud, with the full participation of most of the public thanks to social media, then it's no wonder that few sane people would want to run for office. WE THE PEOPLE could alter that. I don't have much confidence in that happening. Too many people, seem to enjoy participating in the political soap opera. 

I seriously doubt this will be a popular post. I don't care. I'm really irritable today over something I seem to have no control over.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Porch Phase 2 - Underpinning, Gates and Post Caps

My wonderful carpenter guys, Paul and Donald, finished up the porch underpinning.  They made gates - 3 of the them - and new post caps, too.  It looks fabulous, but is not truly complete.  I'll wait a month or two for the wood to cure, then I'll add deck sealer.  Picture the new wood much darker - the same color as the rest of the porch, so it won't stand out so much.  I've wanted underpinning (a.k.a. skirting) for so long - pretty much since we moved in (2008).

View of the Highest End

Friday, July 8, 2016

Belle of the Ball

No one has asked me yet if I'm seeing anyone, but I wish they would because I have my answer all ready and it's the absolute truth! I am seeing LOTS of guys - Charlie, Daniel, Forrest, Randy, Andrew, Kevin, Tim, Tray, Bobby, and Marvin, to name a few. Just today, my most recent guy (Kyle) sent me this photo he took in Albuquerque.  

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Annie's Wound - Back Braces and Butt Cream

Yesterday was fun. Today has started out crazy. It's barely 8am and I am already exhausted. Annie has a gross, messy wound on her neck and it's driving her crazy.

I had to figure out something to keep her from scratching it raw.  


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