Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chewed Up and Spit Out

If you hate the look of brand new shoes and want a way to give them that vintage worn look FAST, I have the answer for you.  Get a lab puppy.

We have two lab puppies.  They are a tad over 7 months old now and NOTHING in or out of our house looks new anymore.  Their latest accomplishment involved a pair of shoes I ordered online from Zappos.

I was at Rockin B fluffing my booth.  My husband called and asked had I ordered something.  Yes.  A pair of shoes.  Well, there are only bits of cardboard in the yard.  A little while later he called back to say he found the shoes. One of our little precious darlings was throwing it up in the air and playing catch.  They were a bit chewed up.  Unwearable.  Not even good enough to be paint shoes.

I'm glad I wasn't home.  It would have been like an episode of Snapped, only the pet version.  By the time I got home, I had calmed down to extremely irritated.  It's a good thing I am madly in love with them. 

These two, very cute, very lovable dogs, have chewed up soooooooooo many things around our house - furniture, rugs, cables...  I love them dearly, but I will NEVER, as God is my witness, have puppies again!!!!  I will rescue an older dog who is out of the chewing stage, but, read my lips, "NO NEW PUPPIES!"

My next online order may be a couple of muzzles.


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