Friday, June 22, 2012

Loveseat - Dog Bed

I have been looking for a couple of years for two large matching chairs for my family room.  No luck. I give up.  Plan B - a loveseat.  Last year, when I wasn't looking for a loveseat, I came across several really pretty ones.  This year - no luck.  Finally one was brought in to Rockin' B, where I have a booth, and it fit the bill.

It's made by La-z-boy and is really comfy. It's been around the block, but is still in fairly good shape.  By the time it leaves our house, it will be well used.

I told them when I bought it, that I wasn't concerned with any current wear and tear.  I knew that in our house, it could easily turn into a giant dog bed.  I wasn't joking.  The photo below was taken minutes after putting the sofa in place.  I hadn't had time to put the tables in place yet.  I hadn't had time to put a quilt on the seat.  Annie didn't hesitate.  She jumped right up and promptly pretended to be asleep hoping we wouldn't make her get off.  That dog is so darned funny and personabl  that we have a hard time saying no.


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