July 30, 2016

Porch Phase 2 - Underpinning, Gates and Post Caps

My wonderful carpenter guys, Paul and Donald, finished up the porch underpinning.  They made gates - 3 of the them - and new post caps, too.  It looks fabulous, but is not truly complete.  I'll wait a month or two for the wood to cure, then I'll add deck sealer.  Picture the new wood much darker - the same color as the rest of the porch, so it won't stand out so much.  I've wanted underpinning (a.k.a. skirting) for so long - pretty much since we moved in (2008).

View of the Highest End

July 8, 2016

Belle of the Ball

No one has asked me yet if I'm seeing anyone, but I wish they would because I have my answer all ready and it's the absolute truth! I am seeing LOTS of guys - Charlie, Daniel, Forrest, Randy, Andrew, Kevin, Tim, Tray, Bobby, and Marvin, to name a few. Just today, my most recent guy (Kyle) sent me this photo he took in Albuquerque.  


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