March 8, 2012

My Favorite Sign So Far - The Ball Mason Jar

I love, love, love my latest sign.  It's a large picture of a vintage blue Ball Mason Jar.  Someone said it reminded them of an Andy Warhol painting... sort of like his Campbell's Soup painting.  My hair is looking a bit like his these days, too.  Ha! 

The idea of painting any two wood signs alike doesn't appeal to me, but if this one sells, I may have to make an exception.  I was torn about even putting it up for sale.  I'm hoping to create more signs soon - enough to fill the walls of my booth.  Then I'll bring this one home!

By the way, I can't take full credit for the artwork.  I used a picture of a jar I found on Graphics Fairy to create this.   That sight can lead to all sorts of wonderful projects!

Here's another I finished this week -

It's a little smaller and easier to handle.  On the downside, it was just as much work as making a large sign, but I won't get as much money for it.  Bummer.  These are not quick projects.  On this one, I particularly liked the font for EGGS.  My least favorite part are the circles.  Handing painting a smooth circle is not easy!  Will I ever master that brush???    I'll pretend that it adds to the charm and hand-painted folk art look.

Update:  I decided I couldn't let the ball jar sign go.  I love it too much.  It's now on my marigold cupboard.

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