Saturday, July 2, 2016

Annie's Wound - Back Braces and Butt Cream

Yesterday was fun. Today has started out crazy. It's barely 8am and I am already exhausted. Annie has a gross, messy wound on her neck and it's driving her crazy.

I had to figure out something to keep her from scratching it raw.  

I pulled out all sorts of pet and wound paraphernalia and by the time she was bandaged with something that might stay in place, we were both exhausted. I ended up using feminine pads to cover the wound. That's a trick Rudy and I figured out years ago when we had a dog with elbow sores. An ace bandage holds the pad in place, but Annie had no problem getting the ace bandage back off. I loved that by using a back brace to hold the everything in place. Annie could probably get that off as well, but for now, she's too tired to fight it.

She was not exactly a willing patient at first (major understatement), but after a few heart-to-hearts, she realized I was determined to win the battle. It wasn't pretty. Cussing was involved. Sweet talk was used as well when she stopped being a pain in the aorta. I think she's now feeling pretty good about the whole thing. 

One of the meds I used to dress it was Boudreaux's Butt Paste (love that name). It's intended for diaper rash, but works well to sooth all sorts of other things. Annie's no longer scratching, so it must have done the trick.  

I need a nap. She's already out of it.


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