Friday, July 8, 2016

Belle of the Ball

No one has asked me yet if I'm seeing anyone, but I wish they would because I have my answer all ready and it's the absolute truth! I am seeing LOTS of guys - Charlie, Daniel, Forrest, Randy, Andrew, Kevin, Tim, Tray, Bobby, and Marvin, to name a few. Just today, my most recent guy (Kyle) sent me this photo he took in Albuquerque.  

These guys have been taking good care of me! They are there when I need them and they treat me like a queen. I didn't meet these guys on some online dating service. Nope. My friends set me up with most of them. These are the guys I can call on when something needs building or painting or "fixing". They help when my driveway gravel disappears in a monsoon. They help when a tree falls. Kyle helped me when my cell phone wouldn't port over to the new landline number.  He also introduced me to some really great music while my phone was loading new software. I'm listening to one of his recommendations right now!

I had no idea I'd had so many wonderful gentleman callers 'til today when I organized my helper file. I feel like the belle of the ball!


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