Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall!

Apparently, Dr. Doolittle & I are quite vain. We have been without bathroom mirrors for a couple of months and it was more irksome than we anticipated.

I hung a hand mirror for a little while so I could at least peak at myself while brushing my teeth.

Finally, we hung mirrors over the sinks. Here are the two in the master bathroom. These are our transitional mirrors. One day, I want medicine cabinets with mirrors. And I want Dr. Doolittle to make them, because the ones I've seen in the stores so far have not thrilled me.

Even though the mirrors are not very big, it was amazing how they made the room instantly look larger.

There are a number of details in the room that still need addressing. I do not like the globes on the lights AT ALL. They have an odd way of attaching - the don't look like standard globes, so I need to go to a lighting store to see what I can do. It may be that a standard shaped globe would still work. I really haven't had time to check into it. Hopefully, I can get replacements soon - something plain - white & a bit old fashioned.

I hope to find nicer containers for the things I'll keep on the shelf. I like things I use daily to be easy to get to, but they need to look nice.

The desk in the middle is a freebie. It was a job perk. I was hired just as some remodeling was taking place and the desk had to go. It looked to me like something I could redo. In fact, it's something I have been hoping to come across. I need a vanity in the bathroom - a place to vainly gaze at myself while I work diligently in an attempt to look gorgeous.

I put the desk in the bathroom to try it out for a bit and make sure it will do before starting any sort of makeover.

I think I can paint it and attach a mirror and end up with something that will serve me nicely until I find the absolute perfect piece. I can't decide what color to paint it. White comes to mind first, but will there be too much white in the bathroom? Green? Robin's egg blue? Too frou-frou? A rich chocolate brown to pick up the browns in the floor? Too much brown? I can't paint it til I have an inspiring vision of how it will look.

Here are a few examples of interesting vanities.

This one is from Restoration Hardware -
This one from Thomasville is interesting, but doesn't have the drawer space I want -
Here's an interesting vanity mirror from thefurniture.com -
I have already have a mirror I'm going to try to make do with, but the one above sure would look nice. Hmmm... I wonder if I could find some scrolls to attach to the sides of my mirror...


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