Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun with Pond Scum

It's time to confess our little secret. Dr Doolittle and I suffer from the heartbreak of pond scum. It's pretty disgusting. I love our little pond, but it has issues.

Today, Doc invited me to come along on a little boat ride to help scatter fish fertilizer. The fertilizer apparently is good for the pond and bad for the scum. That's what we were told. We sure hope it's not something that turns out to be bad for the environment.

The boat ride turned out to be really, really pleasant. The day was on the cool side, but the wind was not bad, the sun was bright and the skies were incredibly blue. Doc did all the paddling after coming to the conclusion that I wasn't going exactly where he told me to go. I'll have to remember that for future excursions. I was able to sit back like Cleopatra and be chauffeured around.

Even with all the ick in the pond, the water was still clear enough to see in the water. It was hypnotic.

Partway through our boat ride, Miss Lulu decided to join us. She swam out to the boat, realized getting in would be a problem, went back to the bank, got out and ran like mad for a few minutes to dry off. OR maybe she was running to warm up. I know the water had to be awfully cold and Lulu definitely prefers to be warm. As an interesting side note, after she dried, her coat was incredibly soft. It's usually coarse and bristly. Hmmm... Maybe I should market our pond scum as some sort of exotic hair conditioner.

By the way, the boat was given to us by our sweet friends, Janie and Charles. The oar was made by Dr. Doolittle himself. Life is good. Days like this sure are sweet.


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