Saturday, July 11, 2009

Looking Forward to Closing a Chapter

The old house is on the market, sort of. It won't officially be listed on MLS til July 14th, but it's on Craigslist and Access Coweta and I even have a web page with tons of photos. It's been painted inside and out. Rudy and I have given one last blast of love to the sweet little house. I have put as much love into it as I could, imagining what the new owner might think of each improvement.

We've done a few things that we wanted to do, but never got around to doing for ourselves. I'm pleased that these things will be done for the new owners, but I've been pondering... why we didn't do it for us???

As an example, we put a new ceiling fan in the living room. The old one - I should have taken a photo - was uuugggllyyy! It was ugly when we purchased the house in 1986. It had loads of brass and curly gold designs on the blades. I hated it for over 20 years. You'd think that somewhere in that time span, we would have found the time to replace it. Oh well, no need to dwell on that. Isn't the new one pretty? I love bronze.

It was a great place to live. We had great neighbors. It was home for 22 years. Now that we've moved, I want to close that chapter. I'm tired of traveling back and forth between two houses. I'm tired of paying bills on two houses. I'm ready to put all my focus into our new house and our new chapter!

The market is bad, but I am using prayers, positive thinking, law of attraction, more prayers, visualization, and mind power to get the old house sold. I am convinced that the huge workshop and pole barn will be the thing that sets our house apart. There is someone out there looking for a home with a workshop or looking for a house with a place to store a boat or tractor or vintage car. They are out there and they will find our house soon!


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