Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pantry Cleanout

I love my pantry. It's humongous. One day, we'll build nicer shelves, possibly with counters. I'm in no rush. It makes me happy just the way it is.

Today, one thing led to another in the pantry. It started when I brought home an interesting chest from a yard sale. I won't be painting it anytime soon since I have other more important projects to finish first. Instead of putting it up the attic to wait it's turn, I decided it was a good height for our microwave and breadmaker.
Right now, the chest is a brown color that I'm not crazy about at all. I had a white metal hoosier counter that wasn't being used, so I put that on top of the chest. I didn't get a good picture of the chest. It's on the right in the picture above.

I put some small seldom used appliances in the drawers and of course labeled each drawer. I love my label maker, but that's another story.
Once I moved those appliances into drawers, that left room on the shelves, so I rearranged, added more baskets and tidied up a bit.

I also did a bit of a cleanout in the hoosier.

You would think that as much as I love organizing that my house would be fabulously neat & organized all the time. It's not. And my closest friends and family would laugh hysterically if I said otherwise.


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