Monday, August 31, 2009

A Hint of Autumn

It's crisp and cool outside - unseasonably so for Georgia. It feels delicious - an early hint of autumn.

Autumn and the seasons can be looked at symbolically in a number of ways. It occurred to me this morning that my first inclination was to think of the seasons in the scope of a lifetime. The new year is birth. Spring is childhood. Summer is adulthood. Fall is the senior citizen. Winter is where this life ends. That's fine, but a bit depressing.

Maybe I need to adjust my thinking, especially where autumn is concerned. Maybe it's a time to purge the old, clean out what's not working and make way for something different. I have too many things that are not working right now. I haven't handled it well. These days I have been feeling so overwhelmed that with each new issue, I tend to plunge into the depths of a pity party. It's getting old and it's slowing down the process of finding solutions.

So, this autumn, I am going to focus on getting rid of what's not working, starting with my bad attitude. It might not be easy. But I'm ready to try. My poor husband will be delighted.


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