Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Gourds, Mendhi, & Doodling

As I perused a few of my favorite blogs this morning, I happened on a new blog with a post about decorated gourds. I wasn't expecting much. I've seen some pretty ugly decorated gourds. I was pleasantly surprised today. The Blog is Just Something I Made. The blogger is Cathe Holden. She is a doodle-er supreme.

Interestingly, a few months ago I came across some research showing that doodling helps you focus. I love to doodle and anything that validates something I enjoy is good. I just have to remember not to doodle on Rudy's papers while I talk on the phone. I think I've broken that habit.

Anyway, Cathe has focused her doodling talents by incorporating Mehndi designs - you know, those seemingly complex designs often drawn on hands. You usually see them on a beautiful Indian woman.

You really should check out her posts on Copper Metallic Gourd Embellishing and Doodling and Mahandi. One of her readers commented that Zentangles were another similar doodling style.


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