Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fast Fall Wreath

I'm in the mood for fall decorations! I decided to start with the wreath next to our side entry - the door we use the most.

The wreath still had flowers on it. I took those off.

Now, it's ready to add the fall details.

I made a stop by the craft store for instant fall color. The next day I picked up a few pumpkins at the grocery store. It's not magazine layout worthy by any means, but it's good enough to make me happy. I don't know if Rudy cares one way or the other. Sigh.

As Spooky walked by, I had an image in my imagination of including a black cat in my final image. As you can see here, he was not in the mood to cooperate.
After a quick sniff, he left the scene.


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