Monday, January 2, 2012

Clean Look Didn't Last Long!

Well.  If you didn't see the clean look header on my blog, it's too late now.  I took a look this morning and decided the header had to have something more... anything.  Since it's January and many years of teaching taught me to dream of snow days, I decided to pull out a pretty snow photo from 2010.  It's my new header background. 

I no longer have to wish for a snow day, though they are amazingly pretty.  I can have a holiday almost any day I choose.  Retirement is fantastic and the younger you are when you do it, the more amazing it is.  I never understood people who have a fear of retirement.  They wonder what they'll do.  I tend to have so many things going that it's hard to reign myself in and focus.  I never had trouble entertaining myself. That's obvious - just look at how much entertainment I have had thinking about my blog header.

By the way, here's the photo I used on the header. The snow made our little pond look quite magical.   Does it make you wish for snow?


  1. I still have my Christmas blog header! When I changed it before the holidays, Blogger was having issues and it turned out blurry. It took me hours of research to redesign, upload another photo editor and reload, so now I'm afraid to even try changing it back! But I must. Everybody is DONE looking at Christmas!

    Your photo is beautiful! I live in northern MN which looks very much like your landscape. It truly is a winter wonderland and takes your breath away with the beauty of it all.



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