Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Gray Ballfoot Table Before and After

I came a cross a nice vintage table a few weeks ago.  It was begging for a makeover.  The lady who sold it to me had held onto it for ages, intending to redo it herself.  She finally decided she didn't know if she'd ever get around to it.

It had great details including over-the-top claw feet.   Actually, it's not exactly a style I'm usually drawn to, but there was something about this table that I really liked.

By the way, I did a lousy job taking before photos.  The above picture is the best I've got.  And I had already begun painting one leg when this was taken.

First it needed some TLC in the structure.  It was a bit wobbly.  My husband is the king of making things sturdy.

Next it needed paint.  There were some deep stains in the top so there was never any thought of finishing it naturally.  I'm glad.  I knew this table would look great painted.

I used a medium gray that I had on hand and mixed in a bit of calcium carbonate to make chalk paint.   Love it.

Next, I did a little sandpaper distressing, then finished it with Fiddes Wax - first a coat of Light (which is clear), then a light coat of Rugger Brown.  The next day, I buffed it a little, which leaves it with a nice smooth finish - not tacky or waxy feeling at all.

Voila!  I love the finished look and went all over my house trying to see if  there was anyplace I could use it.  I have some tables I'm hoping to replace but this table unfortunately is too big for those spots.  Darn it!  It's going over to The White Booth.  I hope the new owner loves it as much as I do!


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