Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mis-Matched Chairs at the Table

I am not a big fan of decor being perfectly matched.  I don't like sticking to a color palette   lately, I've also become of fan of not using matched sets of chairs at a table.  I recently decorated a feature booth at the store where I have a booth.  It has mis-matched chairs.  I am hoping that more odd chairs come into the store soon.  I need a few more colorful ones to get just the look I am after.  A photo of this booth is shown at the bottom of this post.

First, let me show you some of the examples that inspired me.   There are lots of ways to beautifully use different chairs together.  Usually, but not always, there's something that ties them together - color, fabric, or style.

source: Remodelista

source Southern Living via My Home Ideas

source: The Cottage of Vinnord

source: Braebourne Farm

source: Coastal Living

source: Scott Little via  Braebourne Farm

source: Style Files

source: BHG

source: Wedding Chicks

Sarah Jessica Parker's house - as seen on Elle Decor

source: Snap

Source: Dreams and Happy Things

source: My Dream Home

as seen on The Decorologist

This next example is my favorite of all.  I love the colors and un-matched look that magically comes together.  this is a photo that I keep coming back to.  I keep trying to figure out what it is that draws me.  I haven't cracked the code yet.  Sometimes I can block out one or two things in a photo and the room will turn blah.  Not this room.  I do think the white walls are important  Any other color might ruin the look.

Am I alone? Is anyone else fascinated by this room?
source: Molly Sims

Last, here's the table in the feature booth I put together at the store with the help of my sweet friend, Nicole. Don't you think we need some colorful chairs?  I found one chair in a vibrant color and it just wasn't right.  Oh well, obviously this room is not lacking in color.  I think after decorating in "The White Booth" for so long, I am swinging in the opposite direction!


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