Thursday, October 4, 2012

School Lockers - Inspiration

I just posted this on the blog I do for Rockin' B Antiques. (R.B. has a TON of school lockers there right now! ) I decided I liked the post enough that it warranted being on my blog, too.   Lockers can be very functional around the house.  You can use the vintage ones just as they are, with chips and dings and loads of character.  Or you can paint them and alter them to make them work with your decor.  Take a look at some of these -

This first one is my personal favorite.  They've removed the top 9 doors, spray painted the outside a nice melon color,  turned it into a book shelf.  If you have a locker with fewer compartments, you could achieve this look easily by adding shelves.
as seen on Babble

This locker was turned on its side and rollers were attached.  It would make an interesting console or server!
source: no longer available

This locker is actually handmade form wood.  Something similar could be achieved by removing all the locker doors and painting the whole thing.

Here's another from wood.  Both of these were found on Ana White.

The next 3 photos were found on Apartment Therapy.

Notice, you don't have to paint the locker for it to look fabulous in a room!

Here's another pretty one that would work just fine in a room finished with lots of whites and neutrals.  I wonder, did they paint the doors to look like boards or did they make board doors to replace the metal ones that had been there????
source: The Lettered Cottage

source: uploaded to Pinterest by Megan Cameron

source - Design Sponge

The photo below shows a booth at Rockin' B that my friend, Nicole, and I decorated.  It has 3 sets of lockers on each side of the booth.  they form the booth "walls".  They won't last long.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and take a look!

These are three of the lockers at Rockin B as of October 4th, 2012!


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