Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Naturally Flavored Water

I like water.  I have a PUR faucet filter, so I guess it's a little step up from saying it's just regular tap water.  But sometimes, I like to make my water a little more special. It's so easy to cut up a fruit or vegetable and put it in a pitcher.  Voila!  Flavored water.

Not every fruit or vegetable is a good fit, but many are.  Citrus and berries are easy favorites.  Cucumber is really refreshing and super hydrating. Fresh, frozen... it doesn't matter.  You just need to let it sit for a while in the fridge.  Give it time to flavor the water.  As you drink from it, you can keep adding a bit of water and it will last all day.

It tastes great and adds a few extra vitamins to your day. And - it's really pretty.  Suddenly, your day seems a bit more special.

Here's a shot from a few weeks back.  I cut up an orange and I added a couple of kumquats that my friend, Martie, grew in her back yard.  De-Lish!

I must have been feeling really special that day since I even took the time to stage the photo.  I keep thinking about a recent post on Funky Junk where Donna talked about how our blog photos are often smoke and mirrors and that the camera is often focusing on the only clean spot in the house.  I'd be willing to bet there was a giant mess behind me the day I took this photo.


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