Monday, December 17, 2012

Gesture of Love for Newtown... Give Peace a Chance

What if, for the rest of this month, WE THE PEOPLE used our pocketbooks to support peace as a gesture of love for the 27 who lost their lives in Newtown, Connecticut?

We are at a major crossroads in our country.  We can continue on the path we are on or we can choose a more peaceful path.

WE THE PEOPLE could turn to this new path, no matter what age, race, religion or political affiliation. There is no need to wait for political action and party debate. Lobbyists and special interest groups would have little influence over the results.

What if all the presents we had purchased that had any relation to violence were returned?  The action packed violent video games, the weapons – real and toy… all returned.  What if nobody wanted them this year?  Companies making violent games and toys and weapons would lose money.

What if, for the rest of the month, we didn’t go to movies that were violent and we didn't rent or buy DVDs that were violent? Violent movie attendance – zero.  All of them - box office flops. Studios making violent movies would lose money.

What if our television viewing didn’t include crime shows, murder shows, scary shows?  What if we found better shows to watch?  Advertisements supporting the violent shows would not even be seen.  Companies supporting violent shows would lose money.

What if we led our children by example to shun violent choices and used our new choices as a way to do something positive in honor of the Newtown victims?

If we all did this for the rest of this month, would our choices change us forever?

Would we begin to turn to a life with more peace and more happiness?  Would our little children then be safe at school?

Would we realize that our lives are happier and more blessed with peace?  Might we make the commitment to continue choosing peace over violence?

Would those who had been making money promoting violence begin to choose peace over violence, too?  If there’s little money to be made with violence, then there’s little incentive to invest in making them.

America is made up of WE THE PEOPLE.  Perhaps it’s time that WE THE PEOPLE made our voices heard loud and clear.  If even half of WE THE PEOPLE shunned the violence that has crept into our everyday lives, it could have a major impact.

I am only one person.  It may be that no one joins me in this action.  Or maybe, just maybe, lots of people are ready to make a difference and they realize that WE THE PEOPLE wield a great deal of power when we join together.

Feel free to share this, pin this, copy this, paraphrase, whatever.  Just help spread the word.  Please.


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