Saturday, December 29, 2012

Color Play in My Booth

I am planning to make 2013 very colorful, especially in my booth.  I've already started the transformation with the signs at the top of my booth -  188  is on a very large chalkboard-ish background.  There's no mistaking my booth number!  The letters on paint cans with colorful coordinating tissue paper is such a fun way to pump even more color into my space.  It just makes me happy to look at it.

I also did a little rearranging and color grouping.  First I pulled some things out - especially the remains of my Christmas decor.  Most of my Christmas things sold, luckily, but I had brought in a few things to keep the holiday look going.

The showiest of the color groupings turned out to be the pops of yellows, golds and oranges on my corner cabinet.  Talk about cheerful!  That sweet corner cabinet isn't likely to escape anyone's notice now!

I'm working on some signs and hope to have them ready to hang on the wall soon.  Meanwhile I wanted to use the wall display space in a way that was fun, yet easy to take down.  I displayed my vintage albums.  Wow.  I really like them there!  *Oops - That top one needs to be moved down just a bit.

I moved the bamboo etegere against the wall.  I was able to hang the wrought iron planter on the wall inside the big shelf.  That's going to work well for some upcoming plans for this space.  The white cabinet to the left of the etegere is just for storage.  Still, the white is bugging me.  Clearly this cabinet needs to be a fun color - turquoise maybe???  I usually prop a large picture in front of it so it's not so noticeable.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to prop there at the moment.  I made do for now by just tying a burlap bow on the handles.

The shelf with the multi-colored backgrounds was way overcrowded.  I thinned it out and grouped a little bit.  Three things sold off this shelf before I could even finish.  See the holes?

Last, I changed the retro and wood table theme to green and turquoise.  Lousy picture.  It is much prettier in person.

Stop by and see it in person if you can!  Lots of the vendors at Rockin' B have been changing their booths and bringing in new things.  It's really looking great.


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