Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Farm Tables!!!!

I cannot believe how time is flying.  I have been meaning to add posts for ages.  I'm still here - just been spending too much time posting on Facebook for the store where I have a booth - Rockin' B Antiques.  I do their blog and Facebook page and other stuff, too.  It uses up so much of my computer time that I haven't had time for this blog, which is very dear to my heart.  Let me see if I can get back to it.

I've been working on projects one after the other and my sweet hubby has, too.

In this post, I'll show you some of my hubby's work - his Farm Tables.  After two years of non-stop busy work for his company, there was FINALLY a slight slowdown.  It slowed down enough that he decided to build a few things.  And he had such fun doing it that he hopes to continue.  WAHOOOOO!!!!!  

He started by making this big farm table.  I painted it all white after seeing a white table on Pinterest that I fell in love with.  This sold in no time.

Next he built a smaller table, just perfect to use as an island or console.  It, too, sold in no time.

We liked the wood top with the green one, so we decided to do a white and wood combo next.  It sold in no time.  This is ridiculous.  When they sell so fast, it makes you wonder if your prices are way too low or if you have just hit on the perfect thing.  I think it may be a little of both.  His tables are super well made.  Everything he builds has extra details and is sturdy enough that I always think they'll withstand a tornado! :-D  With this table he changed the bottom a bit.  The shelf is a bit narrower so people can sit around it comfortably.

It was hard to sell these.  I wanted to keep them all.  I probably will keep one of the tables he makes in the future. Or maybe I'll keep two - a console size for our TV and an big eating size for our dining area.  Maybe a third -  a table for our bathroom - we actually have a great spot for one in there.  If I keep thinking I'm sure I could come up with more spots.


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