Monday, September 9, 2013

My White Cupboard AND Paint Plans

I have a white cupboard for sale in my booth.   It was made to look like this one my hubby made for me a few years back. It's one of my favorite pieces in my house. It's also one of the most useful things I own.  I use it every single day.

I've actually posted about this cabinet in the past, after hubby and I re-furbished it.  BUT... I didn't have the sunflower painting at the time.  I love that extra bit of color.  

BY THE WAY - the splotchy looking wall to the left of the cabinet shows several paint colors we were considering. We're getting ready to paint the kitchen/family room/dining room and I painted test colors all over the place. 

It looks a little too greenish on my computer.  It's a nice greige.

Neither of the colors on the wall are the one we chose.  We decided on Silver Coffee Pot. I would have loved stark white walls - love that look - but several items we have, including our creamy colored kitchen cabinets, didn't support the look.  I also thought about a pale ocean-y blue-green.  I found a number of inspiration photos that I loved.  In the end, I decided to stay neutral in the big rooms.  

We'll have the blue I love (SW-6478 Watery) in the side entry room.    

Silver Coffee Pot (DMV-104) is apparently an obscure Sherwin Williams color.  I found it an an old color brochure I had - George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate of Colours.  When I took it to the paint store, the clerk said the brochure was collectable and worth some money now.  Who knew?  I won't be selling it.  It has some fabulous colors.  I have the big fold up brochure.  It's really BIG.

I tried to find a chip online to copy and use in this post. Apparently, Fine Paints of Europe took over this collection.  The colors (with the same names) can now be found here.

I hope all the rooms get painted soon. My hubby promises SOON. We've had the paint since April. In his defense, he's been really busy. On the other hand, I'm PERFECTLY capable of painting walls. ^%$#@! But, he's insisting on doing it himself. One day. I love that man like crazy, but he does have quirks that drive me insane. Anybody else married to a man with quirks? I feel confident I'm not alone.


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