Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Loft is Looking Better Already!

I have the loft looking better already.  It's still a work in progress, but it's pretty functional already.  If you missed the before picture with everything a mess, see this post.

I really do love my loft.  My curtains are vintage tablecloths.  Notice the shadow pattern on the floor.  I love that.  I need two more full lace tablecloths - this is a big room with 5 big windows.  I have round lace trimmed tablecloths folded in half on each end.  I want to replace those with the full lace rectangles like on the 3 center windows.  That idea started as a temporary solution, but I liked it so much that I can't imagine anything different now.

The big shelves that I didn't need for this room have been shoved into the attic space.  My attic space is fabulous.   I just walk through a doorway right off the loft and I'm there.  It's now a big ole mess with those shelves and more stuffed any ole place, but there's no way I'm working in an unheated space right now.  When I woke up this morning, it was 4 degrees outside.   In Georgia.  My attic isn't anywhere near that, but it's still too cold to start organizing.  My loft is nice and toasty.  My windows are passive solar.  On a sunny winter day, the sun shining in those windows warms the whole room without turning on the heat.  In the summer, the sun doesn't shine in at all.  It's nice and shady.  I don't understand why more people don't work with that idea.  It doesn't even cost more.  BTW - right after I took the photos, I opened the curtains again to let all the sun in I could.  It's still in the 20's outside.

Here's the other side of the loft -

I have a mad jumble of rugs up here.  I love the floor, but the rugs sure do absorb sound.  I've had great luck finding interesting barely used rugs at yard sales.  The best ones are mostly downstairs.  Except... the floral hooked rug at the left of this photo is a big favorite.  It wouldn't withstand our dogs, so it's upstairs.  The dogs don't spend a lot of time up here.  My main company up here is my kitty, Sissy.  Do you see her in this photo? She's right in front of the turquoise file cabinet, soaking up the sun.  

So, now you've seen my loft. It's not the prettiest craft room online by any means, but I have fun up here.  I'd be willing to bet that it will look different this time next year.  There are pieces that work for me in this room and there are pieces that I want to replace.  Really, I could say that about every room in my house!  


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