Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Parmesan Baked Cod

OMG!  This is the easiest recipe ever and it tastes great!  I found the recipe on Taste of Home and did a little tweaking.

My husband has never been a fish lover, but he's been told to eat more fish and less beef.  SO, he's learning to like fish.  His nutritionist suggested he start with fish like cod, mahi-mahi and flounder because those taste "less fishy".  She also told us to stick to WILD-CAUGHT fish because it tends to have less toxins.

I started by cooking the fish rather plain, which is fine, but am now trying to find more recipes for fish so we don't feel like we're eating the same things over and over.

This is our very favorite.

A few comments -

The original recipe called for worcestershire.  I substituted coconut amino because worcestershire has gluten and I can't have it.  Coconut aminos are wonderful, but not always easy to find.  I have found them locally.  Vitamin Shoppe carries it and I think I have have seen them at Fresh Market.  Amazon carries them, too. (By the way - I linked to the Amazon page,  but I get absolutely nothing for recommending this!)

The original recipe also called for green onions.  I omitted those altogether.  I like onions but they don't like me.

For those with gluten issues, one other thing to consider is the Parmesan.  I have trouble with pre-grated Parmesan.  I'm pretty sure the flour-y stuff they add to the grated version to keep the strands from sticking together contains gluten.  I have no trouble with the parmesan I buy in chunks and grate myself as long as I don't get carried away.

The sauce is rich.  My husband loves lots of it.  I prefer a lighter covering.  I recommend trying the recipe as written first.  You'll soon get a feel for your preferences and may end up making less topping or you might even make more.  It's also pretty easy to adjust for the number of fillets you are making.

The bottom line - this recipe is soooooo easy and can be put together so quickly that it will definitely be a primary go-to fish recipe.  If I could find a couple more that are this easy and this delicious, we'd have fish way more often.  Hubby says it's doesn't just make the fish tolerable, it makes it taste so good that he looks forward to it.


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