Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Tablecloth From Shirley's Grandmother

I've been playing around lately with pretty tablescapes.  I'd like to start inviting people over for lunch now and then.  Since cooking is not my strong suit, I decided to focus on making the table look fun.

My friend, Shirley, knew about my quest for tableware. While she was cleaning out for an upcoming move, she came across several old tablecloths that had belonged to her grandmother in Canada and she gave me one!  It's a vintage cutwork piece with pretty embroidery.  I couldn't wait to get it home and see how it looked with sunflowers.

It came with a set of napkins and I have others I can mix and match as well.

As Shirley and I were talking on the phone, two cats decided to investigate.  They like to do that when I bring in something new. Cindy jumped down before I could get a camera ready, but Sissy was happy to pose.  I'll definitely be doing some laundering before using this with company!  I know nobody wants a side of cat hair!

Pretty, isn't it?

Fancia Herling Ivanier - Shirley's Grandmother

Thank you, Shirley!

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  1. Oh Denise, the tablecloth looks SO beautiful! My Grandmother would be SO happy knowing the pleasure you're going to have using it. She loved giving her special possessions to people she cared about... and I guess I inherited that trait from her. (at least I like to believe so) I am thrilled that it makes you happy to play around with the tablecoth and place settings and you're right- the sunflowers are PERFECT with this cloth! Just know that this tablecloth has seen many joyous times of celebration, holiday celebrations to which my Grandmother would invite our entire family and a zillion of her friends and their families. This tablecloth was definitely in her "spring" wardrobe for her table settings! Some holidays she would be cooking for 50-60 people, doing all the cooking herself (with a little help as she got older) but her greatest joy was setting her table! Oh how she loved to play with her table cloths, dishes, crystal glasses and silverware and flowers. (Just like you!) Each holiday had it's own separate unique distinct sets of tableware that she carefully set out and put away after each holiday, each year. My Mom did the exact same thing! Just looking at the picture of the cloth brings back such wonderful memories. I did the same thing when my kids were younger and still at home. To this day, for any holiday and special meals we celebrate, I ALWAYS have something on our table that are pieces from both of my Grandmothers, Barry's Grandmother, gifts given to me from my Mom and Mother-in-Law. My kids know this tradition and I hope one day that they'll do the same thing when they use one of their Great-Grandmothers tablecloths, dishes, glasses and silver that will be theirs one day. Barry and I have begun using a gorgeous set of crystal glasses every day. My Mom gave them to us when we moved up to Greensboro almost two years ago. We figured, why leave them in a box? We love them... so let's use them! As my Grandmother Fancia would say to you, if she herself would be able to have handed you that cloth as a gift, "Use it in good health!" Love you my friend! and Enjoy the tablecloth is good health! I can't wait to come for lunch! **the only thing that would have freaked her out... is the cat! Which is the funniest picture ever!



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