Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Tablecloth From Shirley's Grandmother

I've been playing around lately with pretty tablescapes.  I'd like to start inviting people over for lunch now and then.  Since cooking is not my strong suit, I decided to focus on making the table look fun.

My friend, Shirley, knew about my quest for tableware. While she was cleaning out for an upcoming move, she came across several old tablecloths that had belonged to her grandmother in Canada and she gave me one!  It's a vintage cutwork piece with pretty embroidery.  I couldn't wait to get it home and see how it looked with sunflowers.

It came with a set of napkins and I have others I can mix and match as well.

As Shirley and I were talking on the phone, two cats decided to investigate.  They like to do that when I bring in something new. Cindy jumped down before I could get a camera ready, but Sissy was happy to pose.  I'll definitely be doing some laundering before using this with company!  I know nobody wants a side of cat hair!

Pretty, isn't it?

Fancia Herling Ivanier - Shirley's Grandmother

Thank you, Shirley!


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