Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tiny Rant about Blog Ads

I have been reading blogs for ages.  I jumped on that bandwagon before any of my friends.  That's not a brag.  I was a computer teacher and spent lots of time looking at different ways people used computers.  Of course, I'd come across blogs.  They were the next big thing.

Back in "the old days"  blogs were written by people for the love of sharing what they knew.  I found many great ones about decorating, fashion, cooking, refinishing furniture, etc.  When these gals started their blogs, there were no ads.  They weren't selling their own line of this or that.  Companies weren't sending them free products.  They blogged with complete freedom.  They were gold mines of good information I could use.

Almost all of those early favorite blogs are now something like a Nascar car - ads filling every spare spot on their page.

Today, I found a blog that I really, really wanted to explore.  It looked like one that could easily become a favorite.  Unfortunately, it had so many ads, it took forever to load and then practically brought my computer to a standstill.  There were pop-ups - more than one at a time.  There were videos which forced me to stop reading, scroll through the page and find those videos to push pause.  Ad bars were at the top and bottom of the page.  There was almost no empty spot on the page.  Forget it.  I had to close the page.  I won't say that dealing with it ruined my morning because that's an awfully trivial thing.  But it did annoy me and I like to avoid being annoyed as much as possible, don't you?

I understand that blogging takes a lot of time and it's nice that these ladies are now getting a little something for their time, but as a reader I hate it!!! Even if you can get past all the distracting ads, too many of the posts start out sounding like it's from the heart and end up as a giant "buy it" post.

Buy my paint.  Now that I'm famous, I'm cashing in with my own products.  I only blog about what I'm selling now, but as long as you keep buying my stuff, that's fine by me.

I was given this ________ by the company that makes it and if you buy one, I'll get even more money, and you should totally trust my opinion because honestly, I'm not biased at all.  Not even the teensiest bit, right?

I have to admit on more than one occasion, I have considered using ads on my blog.  I tell myself that I'd use good judgement and limit ads.  My posts would still be from my heart.  But, as I continue imagining it, I know that it would make me post differently.

For instance, I thought about a simple Amazon ad just promoting things I was truly excited about.  I have a post that I'm going to do soon about something I love using - wool dryer balls.  I've already got my photos.  Anyway, I once again thought that maybe before I did that post, I'd start the ads deal. I was going to write the post anyway, so that felt authentic.  But immediately, my mind soon jumped to other posts I might do just for the ads factor.  That's when I knew - I do not need to have ads.  My posts would change.  My blog would change.  Those ad earnings pennies might go to my head and change ME.

I like passing on information and tips with absolutely nothing to gain. It feels generous.  When I write that post on dryer balls, you'll know that I truly am excited about them and it has nothing to do with adding a few cents to my bank account.

PS - If I ever change my mind and put ads on this blog, kindly remind me of this post.  Or pass the hat - it may mean I'm broke and desperate.


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