Monday, August 24, 2015

Painting the Master Bath

I'm continuing to keep busy and making decorating improvements around the house seems to be something that can keep my mind occupied pretty well.  Last week, I tackled the master bath.  The walls needed painting and I went with a wonderful green.

The cutting in process was a nightmare.  This room will probably never be painted by me again!  Or maybe it's like childbirth... I'll eventually forget the pain and do it again.

I also made new curtains from a chenille bedspread.  They look better in person - the texture is fun.

Rudy made the bench a couple of years ago.  I'd like to paint it white, but can't bring myself to change it.  That's probably stupid since I'm the one who painted it in the first place.

There are some funny memories associated with this bench.  I wanted a simple, vintage-style, rickety-looking bench, but that wasn't up to Rudy's standards.  When he built something, it was generally strong enough to withstand a tornado.  This bench has all sorts of extra reinforcement.  He actually made it for me to sell in my booth, but I'm glad I still have it.


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