Friday, November 6, 2015

Hike #2 - Line Creek

Susan and I went on another wonderful hike.  This time it was local since we were limited on time.  Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City has two trails.  The Bridge Trail is an easy .8 mile loop.  The Creek Trail is 1.2 miles each way and requires more sure footing.  It has slippery rocks and granite outcroppings.  Since the weather was so damp and we had limited time, we decided to just explore the easy trail.  The trail has several attached trails, which we explored, so our hike was definitely longer than .8 mile.  It took us an hour and 45 minutes, but that included lots of stops to ooh and ahh and take photos.

The entrance is marked with a wood sign with Line Creek Nature Park.
At the beginning of the trail is a nice duck pond.  There's a gazebo and picnic tables, which I'd definitely like to use in the future.  The ducks are so cute and friendly, but we really disappointed them by not coming with any snacks.  I promised them next time I wouldn't be such a thoughtless guest.  What's the healthiest snack to fee a duck.  I know bread crumbs are the traditional food, but is there something healthier?

It drizzled off and on during when we first started out.  We opened and closed our umbrellas over and over, but after a bit, it just didn't matter.  It was very humid the whole time, but it wasn't that big of a deal.  The temperature was nice.  I was a bit overdressed and in the future, I'd rather get wet than carry an umbrella around on a hike.

At this point, I wasn't even bothering to close up my umbrella.
The Creek was fabulous.  There were parts that were gentle and others that rushed over rocks.  The sound was so relaxing.  I could feel stress melting away. There were many spots along the way where we had to stop and admire.

This path was said to be easy.  It wasn't strenuous, but it definitely required us to keep our eye on the path.  The were rocks and roots and logs and a few slick spots.  Each time I wanted to gaze at scenery I would come to a full stop first!  I didn't mind the challenge.  It's rather zen-like to get lost in keeping your footing.

The path was fairly well marked.  There were signs in plenty of spots and there was really only one spot where we weren't quite sure what to do.  There's a path map online (see link at the bottom of this post) and that was very helpful!

The shoals were great.  Susan had a great idea.  She said this would be a wonderful spot to sit and read.  I agree.  Note to self - Next time, bring duck food and a book.  

The trail looped around back to the duck pond.  We had a treat.  Steve and Robin (our new friends) were on the gazebo singing - practicing for an upcoming performance.  They told us where they gather with other music lovers and Susan and I will definitely be going to see them again. We hope to take some friends along!  I'll post about it when we go. We listened to them sing several songs and the last one really got me.   It was a sad song and they sang it beautifully.  I could barely speak afterwards. If you know me, you know I don't like to get emotional in public, but this music got to me.   Susan knew I was struggling so she avoided eye contact with me til the end.  When she did look my way, she fell apart, too.  Good friends will cry with you.

Here's a little snippet of one of their songs -

Update: Thank you Glenn for letting me know this is "If I Needed You" by Townes Van Zandt"

Susan and I highly recommend hiking this trail!  If you do decide to check it out, this aerial view will help you see where to pull in.  The road to parking for Line Creek is off Hwy 54 - just down the road (west) from Wal-Mart and Home Dept.  The entrance is catty-corner to MacDuff Parkway.  You pull in after the entrance to the shopping center with the Flying Biscuit restaurant.  The road is right before the entrance to Meineke.  The Line Creek road goes back half a mile or so to a decent sized parking area.
Click for larger view.

Click Here for More Info on Line Creek - includes trail map and more


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