Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Bathroom Tile Looks Like Wood

I have had some questions about the tile floors in my bathroom.  I've mentioned them in a few other posts, but I've never devoted a post to them.  That's an oversight, because they are certainly worthy of a post!

Both tiles look like wood.  They are from the same line and same company -  (Havana by Mediterranea.  They are long like planks.  You can get them in two different widths and 5 different shades.  I love them!  We had planned to put this tile throughout our first floor, but have changed our minds.  I don't think I want to upkeep that much grout in our senior years!

We put the thinner width in Tropicana Gold in our hall bath.  On the Mediterranea site, the floor appears very yellow-y.  My pictures look a bit pinkish.  The color is something in between.  To me it looks like whitewashed wood. 

In the master bath, we used Tobacco Brown.  I thought the Gold was going to be my favorite color and that it would be the color to use throughout the house.  The tobacco brown was pretty but I thought it would be bad about showing dirt so it wouldn't be a good choice for other rooms in the house.  Wrong.  It's really good at hiding dirt!  It's very dramatic.

I love both floors.  There are many decisions I made about my house that I am now second guessing.  These tile floors are not one of my regrets.  I feel pretty sure I'll love them for a long, long time.

Note:  The photos I used were from just after our house was built. We hadn't even moved in yet.  There's still a little grout to be wiped up in places.  We now have mirrors and a vanity in the master bath.  As for the light fixtures in the master - those are one of my regrets.  I especially hate the globes - that tinted bit is really ugly and doesn't go with our bath at all.  I can't believe I haven't replaced them yet.  It turns out the globe has an odd shape where it fits into the fixture.  I can't find a replacement.  Eventually, I'd like to replace the whole fixture, but there are so many things ahead on the list.


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