Friday, March 5, 2010

Thrift Store Cushions & a Pup Who Chews

I want cushions on all the chairs on our porch. Making cushion slipcovers for the porch is one of the things on my ever growing to-do list.

I came across a cushion recently at one of my favorite consignment stores. I like the fabric as is. I'll still probably make a slipcover for it, because I want to be able to wash it regularly. Meanwhile, I planned to put it out, just to welcome spring a bit.

I put out another consignment store pillow - this one with red.

The colors I see for the front porch are black, white/cream, red and green. I have plans to add lots more cushions and flowers. I need some tables and planters.

Right now, it looks pretty naked. The picture above is especially sad - no cushions, plenty of dirt, a carpet roll that needs to be returned. One day....

Back to the subject - pillows on the porch. Rudy suggested I might want to wait a bit to put out the pillows. We have a dog who seriously enjoys a good chew. He enjoys rugs, socks, books... He's expressed interest in remote controls, arms and feet, cats. He's actually not too picky. He hasn't damaged anything so far, but only because we are really watching him. It's like having a toddler in the house.

Rudy pointed out that Jack might find the pillows to be a fun chew. He's outside unsupervised quite a bit. We are on 12 fenced acres. My main concern was losing the pillows. Rudy's main concern was having to pick up bits of pillow stuffing all over the yard. Add to the dog chew danger the fact that spring is on its way. In Georgia that means everything turns yellow for a month or so. No one here (with good sense) puts their porch together til the yellow pollen has played out. So the pillows will be coming back in for a while. Maybe in a couple of months, Jack's chewing will be more under control.

Meanwhile, Rudy came up with a very creative chewing alternative. We already have a number of old bones. They are hollow in the middle. One day, Rudy put peanut butter inside the bones and all the dogs went nuts over them. It's like crack for dogs! They'll all lay down and chew and lick the bones for ages.

Oh, that's so good!


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