Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wild Hail Storm

We just survived a wild and woolly hail storm!  It was quite impressive.  It was spectacular and I enjoyed the spectacle until it occurred to me that our vehicles were outside uncovered get pummeled.  After that, I thought of all the damage occurring all around and the fun was over. 

This piece was about golf ball size.  It was on our porch.  There were biggger ones in the yard, but I wasn't about to go out there to pick one up.  My hubby went out when things calmed down a little and he saw some that were baseball sized.

It looked like snow on the ground.  Lots of it blew onto our front porch.  I had been taking pictures from there but needed to move to the screened porch to keep out of harms way.  By then, the yard was turning white.  Not quite covered, but almost.  Unfortunately, my pictures through the screen did not turn out. 

It lasted over 10 minutes, but seemed like forever.  The dogs were freaking and the cats were traumatized.  Sissy cried and howled through the whole thing.  Our poor little Cindy was outside when it hit.  She hid under the porch and I couldn't get her to come out til it was well over.  She's still recovering.

Our vehicles were out in the open and they're dinged up pretty well.  The barn roof is dinged up, but we think/hope our house roof is OK.  We need to take a closer look to be sure.

More bad weather is expected later.  The first round was crazy, but thankfully, we're all just fine.  Hopefully, the next round will be dull and UN-extraordinary.


  1. Oh wow, that is unbelievable size hail! I would imagine that could ding up a car pretty good!!! I hope you have some nicer weather today:)

  2. OMG. Stay safe. We had one of these in the fall. car was in the garage.

  3. Ugh, that sounds pretty rough. I hope your pets aren't too shaken up, and that your car isn't badly damaged. Hail storms are pretty freaky when they're capable of doing damage like that.



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