Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yard Sale FUn - Turn on the Lights!!!

I had a precise yard sale plan mapped out when I left to go yard sale-ing yesterday.  There were 5 sales in a very swanky area that I was going to make a beeline to. I had a printed map with the quickest route for all.  I had maps of others in the area that I could go to after the big 5.  But... my yard sale plans are always apt to change.  There was a wreck on a major road.  As I inched forward, I realized that I would pass by the road to one of my extra, less important sales.  I decided to go there and hope that by the time I left, traffic would be moving.  It was fate.  I got 95% of my treasures at this one sale.  Most of the treasures were lamps and shades. Lots of nice ones!

The best was a stained glass, Tiffany style lamp.  
I had planned to sell it, but... it looked good on my kitchen counter. :-D
Another lamp I planned to sell was this lacy one.  But then, I turned it on to make sure it worked well and, mmmmm, it was really pretty lit up.  The Battenburg lace shade did wild and wonderful things to the light and the details on the base were highlighted, too.  It's a keeper.

I really am going to sell some of them.  The tall lamp (on the left) is going to my booth.  The shade is very interesting.  It's red on the outside and has a swirly black pattern on the inside.   Why didn't I take a picture of that?  The base is pretty, too.  The short bronze lamp (on the right) is going into my holding area.  I don't want to have a million lamps in my booth.  The shade on that one is really nice.  It's so ice I thought about keeping it, but it's more formal/traditional than my decor. 

Some of the lamps came without shades. 
I went into my stash of shades and made matches.  
It's good to have a stash of shades! 

This lamp didn't have a shade or a finial.  I had one extra finial lying about and it was an ugly brass-y mess.  Black Sharpie marker to the rescue!  I colored it.  It looks great and looks wonderful on the lamp.  This lamp is nice, but I'm not keeping it.  I have a couple of lamps in a similar style and that's enough. I prefer to mix it up and have different ones.

I got three pairs of extra shades as well.  And they are really nice. All are lined and have extra details that make them look pricey and elegant.  Those are in my holding area just waiting for some pretty bases to come along.  I had one base with no shade.  None of these extra shades would work with it.  A shade will come along for it one day. Note, there are two of the gray shades, too, but I didn't photograph them together.

I had some other good finds as well, mostly from that same sale.
I'm keeping the Appolia gourmet sunflower dish.  It's nice!!!

I'm keeping the framed roses... at least for a little while.  
I'm keeping the shams.  They've already been cleaned and put into use.
The chair, I'm going to paint it my green and use in my dining room, 'til I find chairs I like better.
The basket is a keeper, too.   It still had the tags on it.

That's all.  I'm headed out the door for some more thrifting!


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