Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chairs with Fabric Woven Seats

That title sounds horribly dull, but hopefully the post will be interesting!  Years ago, I figured out how I could re-do chairs that had damaged woven bottoms without having to take them to someone.  I could weave new bottoms and/or backs from leftover fabric or worn out sheets or dropcloths.  See tutorial here.

I recently wove a set of four ladderback chairs using dropcloth fabric. I put them at my store.  They aren't in my booth.  Another vendor had a vintage library table from Auburn, Alabama and the wood from that table went perfectly with my chairs.  The look great together.

The dropcloth fabric was a real mess to work with.  It ravels horribly.  On the other hand, the messy edges of each strip really give the finished seats more character. 

The color and texture look really nice with this dark wood.  It looks a bit like linen, but of course it's much tougher.

I wove another lone chair with brighter fabrics.  I used to use a real mix of fabrics and colors.  The last time I did that (see my Rocker Re-Do) I decided it turned out way too busy to suit me.  This time I stuck to a bit of a color palette - red, white, and pale green.  It's bright, but in a nice folksy way.

It's in my booth on top of a table.  There's another photo of it in yesterday's post.

You might recognize the green paint on this chair. It's one of the ones I painted while trying to find my perfect green. (See Experimenting with Green Chairs and one of my favorite posts - Smitten with Green) I really roughed this chair up, going for a very chippy vintage look.  It was fun to do.  I put the chair out on my porch for a photo and almost didn't have the heart to take it to my booth.  I'm selling it for $24, which is ridiculously low for the work I put in it.  Oh well.  It was fun. I saw a similar version on Etsy for $140 plus $30 shipping.  I wonderful if she has ever actually sold one of her chairs for that much.  I should probably mark any future chairs I weave a little higher.

The woven seats hold up well.  I have one that I wove over a decade ago.  It has been on a porch the whole time.  The fabric shows some fading but is still very strong. It's in better shape that a chair with a rush bottom would have been!

The next seats I weave will probably be for me.  I have four wonderful, large, oak rockers given to me by a friend, waiting to be cleaned up, painted and woven.  I'd really like to tackle that project in the next month or so.

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  1. These chairs are fantastic! Love the color combo.

  2. Love it! It reminds me of making potholders when I was a kid!!

    Carrie @

  3. If I lived near your booth I would be all over that green chair with the red weaving! I'm thinking of redoing our bedroom in those bright fun colors. So cute!

  4. A wonderful idea. You definitely are underpricing your creativity! Beautiful--I love that green chair.

  5. This is so pretty. You did a lovely job!

  6. Love the chairs and I love the red and white one! Oh my! I am your newest follower. I am so enjoying your blog and reading older posts! hugs, Linda

  7. Love the idea of weaving the fabric to make a new seat! Love them all -- the 4 go so perfect with the table, and the green is so cute and happy!

  8. These are amazing. What a great idea. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party on Monday.
    More The Merrier Monday.

  9. I love the chair, I have never seen that before! What a great idea and I love the colors that you used.

  10. Hi, First of all where is your booth? I'd love to visit...Second of all, I just found your blog when I googled the name "Cydney's Alley" (my store) to see what would come up...I see you've visited my shop and am happy to see that you liked it. You'll be glad to know I updated my blog just today, I hope you are on my email new years resloution is to do better with my blog. Thank you for your kind comments. I love your blog! Liz Barnett

  11. VERY cool! They all look beautiful. I especially love the plain canvas. Oh, show us how, won't you?! hehe Thanks so much for sharing with Air Your Laundry Friday.


  12. I love this idea. They look great and have a lot of texture that I love. The red one is really cute.

  13. I'm new to the blogworld but I LOVE the idea of doing this to some chairs! Do you show how to do this somewhere?? I'm hooked and can't wait to get more of your ideas sent to me!

  14. Thanks for putting this list together, it's helpful information. I like the links to the sites that show you dofollow blogs within your category!

  15. How do you make them! ! I have some old lawn chairs I would love to reperpose!

  16. OH MY WORD! can you put up a tutorial on how you did this? I have 4 ladder back chairs that were my moms and they are just sitting waiting for something like this. Great idea!

    1. Lori - I actually have a tutorial -

      I need to link all my posts showing woven chairs to that post. Meanwhile, I hope this helps.

  17. Denise, keep in your mind (try it hard!) only the good memories. Keep going! Your work is great!



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