Thursday, May 19, 2011

The White Booth - Phase 1

I am now part owner of a second booth at Rockin' B Antiques.  There are lots of vendors there that I have a good time with.  They have loads of talent and personality.  Five of us -  (Nicole, Martie (my boothmate in booth #1), Cynthia, Kathy, and, of course, me as #5) somehow came together with a fun booth idea I've been thinking of for some time.

Back in November, I helped to set up what I called The Winter White Booth at the front of the store.  It was so pretty and really did well.  Since that feature booth was dismantled, the white on white market has not being tapped very well at Rockin' B.  A month or two ago, I pitched the idea to the decorating team that they should have a feature booth up front that stays set up with mostly tones of whites and creams and an accent color that changes.  They didn't exactly jump at the idea, so I pitched it to some other gals who happen to need a little more booth space and the rest is history.  The whole deal has come to fruition so fast and easy, that I know it's the right thing to do.  And... I'd say the white on white market is now TAP DANCING at Rockin' B!

It's in the Starter Booth phase right now and already looks AMAZING.  And we're selling out of it about as fast as we can decorate.  In fact, we're hoping to talk to the owner today about expanding the space.  We need a little more room for some more big pieces.

The pictures in this post are the results of just Nicole and I playing around.  This is before we have all our major pieces ready - two hutches are coming soon.  We pulled all sorts of little shelves and things in.  We  wanted to quickly set up the booth to look as finished as possible so we could start selling.

Yesterday, I stopped by and saw the booth after Cynthia put her English / French things in and truly, I swooned.  I don't have photos of that yet, but I plan to take lots today, so stay tuned for updates.  Martie and Kathy will be putting their touches on it today, too.

We have a schedule planned out for monthly accents.  This month, our accent color is green.

Without further ado, here are some photos from Phase 1 -

Oh my gosh.  Seeing these photos and knowing how much better it looks now makes me hesitant to even publish these.  Come back in day or two and you'll see what I mean!  Come back in a month or so and you'll see lots of other cool ideas we are working on!

Last, but not least, I woke up to an exciting email this morning from Stephanie at Under the Table and Dreaming! She featured my porch rockers redo on her blog!  I'm famous!  Would anyone like an autograph?

We now have a blog about The B Hive (our white booth)!


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