Saturday, November 6, 2010

Creating a Winter White Booth Space

I have been busy-busy-busy and have lots of posts to write.  I'm going to start with something I helped with at the antique store where I rent my booth - Rockin' B.  Yesterday, several of us put together a feature booth at the front of the store. I am calling it Winter White Wonderland - that's a lot to write so in this post I'll call it WWW for short.  It is fabulous!  Since I helped to make it happen, I should be modest and low key when talking about it, but I can-not-help-myself.  I love it and I'm not going to hide my enthusiasm!

At the front of the store, our wonderful decorators were starting to work out themes and ideas for three feature areas.  One item they wanted to use was a vintage aluminum tree.  The first thought that came to mind was a colorful retro look.  We also have a fun, vintage, red Formica table at the store that could be used to put that look together and it would have been very cute.  But then just before they really got going with that idea, something else happened that changed everything.

Meanwhile, back in our booth, Martie and I were trying to rearrange the booth to make some new things fit in.  Beth's soft gray table needed a change.  As we were moving things here and there, Martie set a white linen table square on the table.  I had a metal ornament tree already there.  It's sort of a pewter color.  Then it clicked for us.  The metals and whites and grays looked so nice together.  Once we had our new direction, everything came together fast.  It ended up with such a great look.  The rest of the booth was harder to put back together, but that's another story.

Then, the ladies up front came back to see our mini masterpiece.  They asked if they could move the whole thing - table and accessories - up front.  Well, OK.  We did have some things to put in their place, so it wasn't really a problem at all.  That was Thursday.

Martie and I went back over on Friday.  I took my blue vintage table to put in the empty spot in our booth.  That's the table I posted about a month ago.  I tried it in a couple of spots around the house (porch, laundry room), but in the end decided I didn't really have a place for it.  I put it in the booth and I know someone is going to come along who has the perfect spot for it.  I guess I kind of knew it didn't belong with me, but I loved it so much that I wanted to try to use it somewhere.

Back to the WWW story.  On Friday, we moved the table and all of the accessories up front.  Suddenly I knew.  That aluminum tree belonged with our table vignette.  Jacque (decorator extraordinaire) could picture it, too, and away we went, pulling things from around the store like crazy.  Debbie was working and she started pulling things, too. We had it set up in no time at all.

I am beginning to think that when things flow easily, you're on the right path.  When you work and work to try to make it work, it might be the wrong path.  All my decorating experiences this last week back up that theory.

The WWW is the first area you see after walking through the doors.
What a lovely sight.

 If you want to see more pictures of the WWW area, 
click on over to our store blog.  
I added a post to it this morning with lots of photos.

I had such fun.  I had so much fun that I missed lunch completely and didn't even care. Plus, playing around with decorating at the store helps a little with my decorating A.D.D.  I may not be able to have that all white look at my house, but by golly, I can have it somewhere!  Funny.  I used to have more fun with dollhouses and doll furniture than I did with the dolls.  So now, I'm playing with dollhouses on a much larger scale.  I love it!  I hope they'll let me help more in the future!

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