Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feed Sack Sign

I'm really having fun with these signs.  I'm picking up new ideas and tricks along the way.  I've been reading about lots of different techniques that I can't wait to try out.

My hubby gave me a lesson on how to make the wood part.  I am loving those power tools.  He has everything and knows how to use it!  I am now able to make these without help.  I still refuse to do it when he's not home.  If I chop off a finger, I want someone close by to be able to put it in a cooler and get me to the emergency room.  I am very nervous around power saws of any kind.

I saw a picture of a fun feed sack on Pinterest.  I worked out a similar design on my computer, then printed it out extra large  I used the printout to help in cutting out a stencil... by hand... with an Exacto knife.  All those small letters.  OMG.  I will never, as God is my witness..  Oh dear.  I sound like Scarlett O'Hara.  Anyway, that process is tedious and still had to be touched up, which was also tedious. 

Stencils... &^%$#@!

I'm selling the sign for $69.99 which means I probably earned 2 cents an hour.  (Only a slight exaggeration)

The sign works perfectly in The White Booth right now.  Our current accent color is green.


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