Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Signs and Flags

I'm getting into making signs.  I had a successful venture with my first wooden flag. It sold really fast.  I'm taking that as a sign that I'm on the right path.

Last year I wore myself out searching for treasures for my booth.  I found some great things, but it took lots of time and lots of gas.  I seemed to always be in a hurry and my house was never "company ready".  In fact, I'm not even sure it was ready for the health inspector!  I'm determined to keep things more balanced this year.  I am thinking my treasures this year will be split between some that I find on the road and some that I make.  I have a number of projects planned and some actually in the works.  Plus, I've completed a couple more. 

I made this farmers market sign for The White Booth, which is currently accented in pinks and greens.  The sign has layers and layers of paint and took waaaaay too long for the $24.99 I'm selling it for.  Lots of people complimented it, but I'm not satisfied.  My next one will have a few added details and another color.

This picture shows some of the layers, but *I think* the sign is a little prettier in person than it looks in this photo.  The green is really nice. 

If I'm going to make this worthwhile, I need to find some shortcuts. I don't know which way to go.  Do I get a Cricut or Silhouette?  Do I go to a vinyl printing company?  Do I get an overhead projector, which wouldn't save all that much time?  Anyone have ideas or tips?

I also made another flag, this time on canvas.  I definitely prefer the wood.  But I had a canvas with a picture I had painted ages ago when I had visions of sitting in a garden outside with my easel and a bonnet with the wind blowing through my hair.  Ha.  The painting wasn't very good and the world is a better place for having it painted over.

Interestingly, canvas was just as easy to sand over the as wood.  I could layer and do all the same treatments with the same results.  It looks nice, but the wood ones will sell better at a higher price.  If I were a buyer, I'd want the wood one despite the price difference.  However.... a barn wood frame might equalize things a bit.  So canvas isn't ruled out.


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