Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fluffing the Booth

I can't sleep.  With the full moon, it's practically daylight outside.  I finally gave up, got out of bed, and here I am... blogging in the middle of the night. 

Today, I fluffed my booth.  I had two main themes to work in the booth, neither of which are right for the time of year.

The first was a wooden flag my DH built and I painted.  It's made from wood planks.  The paint is layered in multiple colors and distressed.  This is my first sign effort and I am fairly pleased.  You can't tell from the photo but it's quite large - around 46 inches wide.  I have plans for other board signs.

Here's the flag at home.  I propped it in a chair just before putting it in the car.  Miss Sissy struck a serious pose in front.  This picture is far cuter than the one of the flag in my booth.  Miss Sissy agrees.  Oh, my goodness, how I love this cat!

The other thing I worked into the booth was a group of Easter things.  I only meant to price the things and get them boxed up. Really.  I wasn't going to put the stuff in til after Valentine's Day.  I planned to play by the holiday rules.  But then, after I had them packed up, we had all this warm weather.  Spring Fever struck and the next thing I know, I'm loading the box into the car. 

I put it all together on a table.  These little bunnies and eggs and holiday knick-knacks are definitely not my usual style.  They were picked up here and there over the last year and I ended up with quite a collection. I am shocked at how much I had.  I think with each thing I found, I must have been telling myself that I would create a small Easter basket vignette. My booth look is moving in a very different direction these days, so I don't think I would choose these things again.  What's crazy is, despite myself, I like this display.  It feels happy.  Apparently, others are affected, too.  I had customers stopping by to admire.  Spring Fever has rendered us all hopelessly tacky!  Luckily, tacky is permissible in an Easter basket.

Unfortunately, with the red white and blues and the Easter pastels and the other assorted colors around my booth, including my small collection of Fiesta Ware that I decided to part with, I am missing a unifying theme.  I hope to change that soon, but for now, it's just an eclectic mix.

I'm still not sleepy, but that's all for this post. 


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