Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Chippy Red Chest

I was able to breathe new life into a red chest with just a little sandpaper and some new knobs.  Quick and easy!  The result is a very quirky little chest that we are using as a coffee table.

Before it was more of a solid red.  I didn't take good before photos.  I got going before even thinking about photos.  I remembered after I had already started sanding.  I hadn't done much on the drawers yet, so you can sort of get an idea of the red before look.

The black knobs wouldn't do.  I found these red ones at Hobby Lobby.  They weren't my first choice.  They didn't have 6 of the ones I liked best.  Sigh.

The photo above shows some of the old knobs and some of the new.  I did replace all the knobs.  What didn't I do?  Take a good photo of the chest all set up in the room.


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