Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Kitchen Painting is Complete!

I finished the last wall in the kitchen.  Woo-Hoo!

The color is Silver Coffee Pot by Sherwin Williams.  I posted about the color here.

I ended up doing all the painting.  My husband kept saying he wanted to do it.  He was adamant and I didn't push the issue til I couldn't stand it anymore.  It worked out great.  He's relieved to not have it on his honey-do list.  He's thrilled with how good it looks (I cut in all but one wall without painters tape, thank you very much).  And as for me - look out!  I have some interesting paint plans for the future.  Next up - our side entry.

I focused on one wall/area at a time.  That turned out great.  I cleaned like crazy as I went.  OMG.  I don't fry food, but you'd never know that from the build-up on my teapot/pitcher collection that was over this counter.


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