Thursday, October 29, 2015

Changes - Saying Goodbye to a Hobby

I've promoted several antique malls over the last years, on Facebook mostly. I was retired from teaching and this was meant to be a hobby.  I had a knack for it and I feel certain I helped 3 local businesses.  Best of all, I made some great friends.  I hope to keep the friends, but I'm saying goodbye to the hobby.

I have lots of my plate right now and I am feeling pulled in new directions.  What I find most interesting about this process of letting go is that as soon as I began seriously asking if this was something I should stop, I got my answer.  What had been a smooth and easy path, became bumpy and time consuming.  I know the whole bumpy situation was nothing more than an answer to my question.  Once I made the decision, everything began falling into place really well, which tells me I made the right decision.

Just to clarify - that bumpy path wasn't anything awful or unfriendly.  The bumps were all weird little things like a random jerk from the Phillipines trying to hijack a store page and sell records.  All the bumps were gifts propelling me towards new things.

I'm looking forward to having more time to pursue other ventures.  Hiking (and enjoying outdoors) is number one on my list for now.


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