Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting Ready for Major Porch TLC

This was long past due!  This month, I'm having my house pressure washed and getting the porch stained and painted.  It has been looking terrible.  I'm also getting an underpinning on the house.  I'll post more about that once it's done.

The last few weeks, I have been cutting back all the bushes around the house.  I had to work around two bird nests with babies.  I didn't disturb either oil the babies had flown away. I had let my bushes grow fairly large, which I didn't like, just so it would block the view under the porch.  Now that I'll have an underpinning, I can keep the bushes small.  I also wanted to cut everything back so it'll be easier for everyone to work on the porch.

This week I needed to get everything off the porch for the pressure washer.  Understand - my porch is a wrap around - 3 sides.  It's big.  I liked big porches until I priced having it stained and painted.  I had it decorated.  It didn't feel like too much until I had to move it all off.  I can tell you this, I won't be putting all that stuff back.  It's time for a purge!

3-Sided Wrap Around Porch

I'm proud to say, I moved every single thing off the porch by myself. There were some heavy things.  The hardest to move were my 5 iron chairs, two large wooden adirondacks, and a big iron swing.  OMG.   I can hear Rudy laughing right now, "I didn't tell you to put all that crap out there!"  I don't think he's feeling a bit sorry for me.  

I had planned to get help to move the swing, but the pressure washer called to say he was coming sooner than I expected.  I thought about it and decided I could do it myself.  And I did!  Just call me Superwoman!  I moved the swing part in my wagon and used a dolly to help me move the base.  It was heavy, but easier to move than I anticipated.  

One person (ME) Can Move the Swing with the Help of a Dolly!

The swing was in the yard for a time.  It was moved to the porch a year or so ago. I like it better in the yard so I created a new spot for it.

The Swing in Its New Location

This spot stays shady most of the day.  I'll need to add some mulch and make the island a bit larger.   The swing is mostly up under a hardwood tree - oak I think.  I need to look at it again.   The canopy is wonderful.  

The View Above the Swing

It took some time to arrange everything for the best views.  This is what I see when sitting in the swing -

The View From the Swing

A good view from a fabulous swing!!!  BLISS!


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