Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saying Goodbye to the Old House

We lived in the house on Adams for 22 years. I was thrilled when we moved in. The house was so pretty. The 2+ acre lot was wonderful. The area was quiet and peaceful. We had great neighbors, like Mr. Shaw, (pictured below) who came to see us today. Most of our original neighbors still live there.
Moving is sad, but I love our new house. It's time to say goodbye to the house on Adams. Debi, the sister of one of our neighbors wants to buy it, but first she must sell her current house. We really hope she gets it and if it's meant to be, she will! At this point, we can't wait any longer to put it on the market. We want whoever gets our house to love it. So the first step is to make it as attractive as possible. It's being painted inside and out.

The wood stove will be moved out and a gas fireplace put back in.
The cabinets are being repainted. They didn't look bad, but now they'll look great.

The master looks so clean and fresh.
It's a tough market, but I'm determined to stay positive. It will sell before October. The sooner the better. It's hard to start a new chapter when an old chapter is still open. I welcome all prayers and positive thoughts!


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