Sunday, June 19, 2011

Puppy Love

Happy father's day!  We have two new babies in the house.  They are totally sacked out right this minute just a few feet away from me and I can hear a little puppy tummy growling.  I had almost forgotten how wonderful puppy breath smells.

They are sooooo cute, but then all puppies are adorable, aren't they?

They look almost sad in this photo, but that's not the case.  They are pooped.  They were both asleep just a few minutes after this shot was taken.

They are almost identical except for some small white markings and a little bit of a different look in their face.  Annabelle has a little bit of white on her chest.  The other one (we can't make up our mind on her name) has a little white on her back feet. I'd like to call her Lily, but Rudy is holding out for something better.  I'm going to refer to her as Lily in this post. It seems disrespectful to not use a name for her.
This is Annabelle.  She's a complete lap dog, as you can see here.  Once we got them in the house, Rudy sat down in the floor in our coat room.  She crawled right in his lap and feel asleep in no time.  He stayed there for ages, missing golf and racing and baseball.  That's puppy love!

We got both dogs from Beth, a friend of a friend (Sharon).  Beth is the one who came up with the name Annabelle.  I loved that name immediately and it has stuck. Sharon has one of the sisters and has named her Onyx. 

Lily is a bit more reserved but very loving.  She'll crawl all over you and follow along on walks and sit in your lap, too, but it takes her just a minute or two longer than Annabelle.  Annabelle is more fearless.

I am totally in love with them both.  Rudy is a puddle of mush.


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