Friday, June 3, 2011

White Hutch Makeover

I finally finished the white hutch and got it into our white booth, which I'm trying to remember to call by it's new name - The B Hive.  The hutch turned out really nice. 

It previously had a maple finish. I'm sure it was nice in its day, but it sure looked dated and unloved when I got it.

The white is not a stark white.  It's sort of ivory.  Once I sanded in key spots, the hutch looked more cream colored.  That distressing sure does make a difference.  At that point it looked so good that I decided not to stain over it with wax or gel. 

The hutch was moved into the booth a week or two ago, at least most of it was.  We were doing the initial booth arrangement and a hutch is no easy thing to move around.  And this hutch is really heavy!  I'm sure I developed a hernia or slipped disk or pulled muscle or something from the strain of lifting!

The doors were not ready - they took twice as long - two sides - and I wasn't rushing them.  It was no big deal having the doors off.  We merchandised the open spaces.

Finally, yesterday I got it all in place.  The hutch actually has four doors, but everyone felt that the hutch looked great with the top two doors off, so those are tucked in a drawer for whoever buys it to use or not.

I'm pretty pleased with this makeover.  My only disappointment is that I cannot find my before photos!  Shoot!  I know I took them.  but that was before the old computer crashed and everything was moved to the new laptop.  Oh well.  You'll just have to take my word for it - it looks sooooo much better.

 The are removable shelves in the side sections.  I have one in place and the other is on the bottom of the section.

 The photos don't do justice to the side columns.  Those are really nice.  Also, I love how the old hardware looks - especially the pulls.
Here it is in the booth.  I'm glad I have these photos because I don't think it will be there long.  I had lots of people inquiring about it even before the were doors on. 


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