Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fifteen Feet Looks Like Twenty???

I feel soooooo stupid!  Martie and I have been in our double booth at Rockin' B for almost a year.  A single booth is 10 feet wide.  A booth and a half is 15 feet and a double is 20.  We rented a double.  Ha.  By the way, this is not our white booth (The B Hive) that I'm talking about.  This is the primary booth that I share with Martie.

There were a number of times when I've laid out plans on paper and worked out how we might rearrange, but it never seemed to come out.  Once we would get into moving and realize that the paper plan wasn't working out, we'd quickly rearrange on the spot.  You'd think that at some point I would have realized that it wasn't working out because we weren't working with twenty feet. 

We knew when we moved in that both of our neighbors were over the wall line about 6 inches each.  When we painted the floor, we couldn't go all the way to our edge, but we decided it wasn't any big deal.  Both of our neighbors would have had to move a TON of stuff and we weren't going to insist on that. What we didn't realize was that we only had 15 feet, 3 inches.  Hello! 

Yesterday, one of our neighbors moved.  It just so happened that I was planning to rearrange to move in a new shelf.  That was a perfect opportunity to get back the extra inches on that side.  After I moved over a bit, I decided to measure my booth and the neighbors to make sure I wasn't taking more than was due.  I measured over and over.  It was 15 feet, 8 inches. I pulled in the neighbor for her to see the measurements.  Suddenly everything made sense and I felt like a complete idiot.  We were in a booth and a half - not a double!

Lorraine, the store owner, was fabulous.  She's giving us a number of options to set things right.  That helped a bunch, but it didn't help with how stupid I feel.  Fifteen feet does not look anything like twenty feet.  It's not even close.  Why had we never measured?  I have long suspected I've been losing my mind and now I have more proof!  Ugh!

Oh well.  Maybe this is just another blessing in disguise because we are moving!  It just so happens that two single booths right beside each other are coming open.  That's rare. In fact, that's such incredible timing that it seems this was just meant to be.   I love the location - it's right at a center intersection.  Not only will our booth show well walking up the aisle, but it will also be seen from the opposite aisle.

You can see the two booths in the above photo.  One wall is a very pretty grayish blue.  The other is white.  Lori was in the grayish blue booth.  She moved to a larger booth yesterday.  Cynthia is in the white booth - #110.  She plans to move to a smaller booth tomorrow. 

Martie and I will paint both walls white.  I love the blue gray color, but we have such a varied color palette that it's really best for us to stick with white.  I have been debating a lot about the what to do with the floors but haven't had much of a chance to talk to Martie about it.  I thought about creating a faux wood look.  I thought about creating a tile look complete with sprinkles.  I thought about another swirl pattern.  All of this would take time. Yesterday, painting the floor seemed like the way to go.  Today,  I started thinking that I really don't care about making the floor special.  Plus, I really happen to like the look of concrete, just as it is - very urban, modern.  Leaving it as is, would mean we could move in faster with a whole lot less hassle. I hope Martie likes that look!  This will all hinge on how the floor looks under Cynthia's rug.  If it has a big ugly stain, then we'd have to paint.  I really don't anticipate any floor problems.

Another bonus is the hanger thing above the pegboard walls.  That will be ideal for hanging a chandelier.  Mine sold, but maybe I'll find another soon.

So.....  it looks like all's well that ends well.  We'll have a fresh start in a new location.  I'm looking forward to a new look with a lot more space!!!


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