Friday, June 10, 2011

Tiny Houses... Again

Cynthia wrote a post on her blog, A Love of the Past,  that has sent me back into a longing for a tiny house.  She found some beauties, too!

These two aren't necessarily my favorite ones, but they are the ones I can actually see myself living in.  They are dream-able!
This one is move-in-ready!
My hubby would be perfectly happy here, but I consider it a fixer-upper with loads of potential.

 Both of these houses would need an addition as well.  I see a screened porch as a non-negotiable essential.

A number of the houses are actually sheds or pool houses, but I don't let that stop me from imagining.  Click here to see the rest of them.

My house is not big, but it is definitely larger than we should have built.  That is a huge regret.  I drew it out.  I thought about how much room I'd like to have in each room.  It seemed great on paper.  I know now that it was wasteful... for us.  Nothing we can do about it now.  But it has caused me to daydream about tiny houses a good bit over the last couple of years.

I try to picture myself actually living in a tiny house. I'm not sure how tiny I could go.  Anyone with a husband with high testosterone needs plenty of room.  Without some space of my own, I might end up on an episode of Snapped

Some space is needed for function, too. The tiny kitchen in my previous house drove me crazy.  No storage space in my previous house drove me crazy.  Maneuvering through rooms with dogs and cats underfoot drove me crazy.  Tiny doorways that were not wheelchair friendly drove me crazy when I broke my ankle.  Remembering my previous house does impede on my tiny house daydreams a bit.

On the other hand, the layout of the previous house was not good.  Maybe I can lay the blame there.

So I keep dreaming and planning ahead.  I am slowly downsizing my "stuff".    As I find things I've loved for ages, but no longer need, I either take them to Goodwill or I sell them in my booth, if suitable.  I picture someone new getting joy from them.  By the time I get to move to a tiny small house, hopefully, I'll have a lot less to have to move. 

If you, too, dream of living in a tiny house, then you'll love My Shabby Streamside Studio and  Tiny House Blog.  I have links to those on my sidebar, too, so I can visit when I need a tiny house fix.


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