Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lumpy Couch

If you read my blog at all, it is no surprise that at our house, life revolves around a gazillion cats and dogs.  There's one helping me type right now.  It's time for her special treat so she's biting my fingers to remind me.  Decorating with pets is a challenge.  Keeping a house tidy and clean with them all is something I definitely haven't mastered.  As soon as something looks neat and tidy, one of them comes along and rearranges.

Case in point.  The sofa.  It's a favorite with all of our babies.  Sadie and Cocoa are the most frequent couch potatoes.  I put a quilt over to give it a little protection.  Sadie keeps it nice and neat, but Cocoa has decided it's great fun to rearrange when we aren't looking.  When I saw it completely messed up the other day, I assumed Cocoa was the guilty party.

On closer inspection, I noticed a suspicious lump.

Here's the lump -

Unfortunately, an hour or so later, dear hubby came in with the dogs.  Sadie didn't know Little Bit was under the covers and jumped right on the couch on top of her.  Little Bit was not pleased.  Today, I noticed that Little Bit was taking up the whole couch --- on top of the covers.  It's much safer.


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